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Hydro-Excavate it!

This latest technology, known as hydro-excavation, allows us to dig through your dirt using blasts of pressurized water rather than digging. This protects infrastructure such as wires, cabling, fiber optic, and pipelines buried beneath the soil. Since the excavated material is vacuumed up, it also  minimizes the mess!


If you are excavating for foundations, demolitions,  sewer services like jetting and televising, digging swimming pools and new septic installations, or even for environmental remediation, call us today to take advantage of the latest method for safe, sanitary excavation.

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- Septic Installation & Repair

- Sewer Lines

- Televised & Jetted

- New Foundation Excavation

- Demolition

- Trucking

When you call Illinois Valley Excavating, Inc, you will be hiring only staff that has been certified for pipe and manhole assessment and confined spaces, as well as being licensed by the Department of Public Health for sanitary sewer repair and septic and sewage disposal. This means you won't have to worry about unqualified personnel on your job- we are all qualified.

- Snow Removal

- Environmental Remediation

- Water & Sewer Lines

- Gravel - Storm Sewer

- Swimming Pools

- High Pressure Jet-Vac Service


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